YaWPS - Yet another Web Portal System


Welcome to the on-line YaWPS documentation.

YaWPS (Yet another Web Portal System) is a lightweight web portal system for medium- or small-sized Internet- or Intranet sites written in Perl and released under the GNU General Public License.

YaWPS was written originally by Adrian Heissler. Stephen Gordon joined the YaWPS team to help create YaWPS 0.7.

Please read the installation guide if you are a first-time user or the upgrade guide if you need to update your YaWPS version.


Help with YaWPS can be obtained via the YaWPS user forum or the YaWPS help forum.

If you want to contact the YaWPS development team, please use either the development forum or the yawps-dev mailing list.


We encourage feedback on any aspect of YaWPS strongly.

Bugs can be submitted at the bug tracking page. Feedback on this documentation should be submitted to the documentation maintainer.

Suggestions for features can be submitted at the feature request tracker.


If you're interested in contributing to YaWPS, please let us know via the development forum or the yawps-dev mailing list.