YaWPS User Guide

User Guide


When you have set up your YaWPS or are visiting a YaWPS powered website you will want to register your user name. This allows you to keep the same identity while posting on community. You can also keep track of your postings, fill out a profile, and receive instant messages.
To register click on the "New User" link somewhere on your site. After providing an username and a email address you'll receive an email with a temporary password.

Logging In/Out

Once you have registered, or if you are returning to a site, you can login to the site. In the menu bar on the site you will find an text that says "Login". If it says "Logout" you are already logged in. This places a cookie on your system. Once you choose "Login" you will be prompted for your user name and password. If the combination is correct you will be allowed to navigate the site as a user, rather than a guest.
To logout click on the link "Logout". You current session will be terminated and you'll have guest permissions on the site.

Forgot Password

If you're trying to login but you forget your password or have lost it, you can retrieve it using the lost password tool. On the login screen, next to the username field, it says "Forgot password?" Click this to be taken to the "forgot password" form. Enter your username on this screen and press the Send button. A confirmation email will be sent to the email address registered to that username. After the confirmation process is completed, a new password will be sent.


YaWPS allows you to fill out a profile which tells people about you. You can have your name, signature, personal avatar, and more!
To change your profile, click the "Edit profile" option in your personal menu.

User actions

You have the following special actions available (depending on the site configuration):

  • Write articles (will be reviewed by an admin)
  • View memberlist (view userprofiles)
  • Receive/Send Instant Messages
  • Edit your forum posts
  • Publish links

Forum Moderator Guide

Modifying/Deleting a post

You can alter a post by clicking the "modify" button on it. You can decide to delete only that post by clicking the "delete" button on the post, next to where you located the "modify" button.

Moving a thread

When you feel a thread isn't suitable for the board it was posted in, you can move it to another board of the forum by selecting the "move topic" button at the bottom of the thread.

Locking a thread

You can close a thread, so nobody can reply to it anymore, by clicking on the "lock topic" button at the bottom of the screen. You can unlock it by clicking the same button.

Deleting A Thread

If you feel a thread has no use, or is in direct violation with the agreement, you can delete it by clicking on the "remove topic" button, located near the bottom of the display page. Please be very careful about your decision, because once deleted, a thread cannot be retrieved.

Administrator Guide

You need to log in as an administrator to perform administrative functions, which means either the default "admin" username, or a username in which you were bestowed administrator rights on the forum. Default login is
user: admin
pass: yawps
It is strongly recommended that you change the admin password to something more secure. And of course, make sure to remember your password, and to keep it safe.
Frankly spoken, the admin can do anything on the site. Admins can access the admin panel, edit/delete users, view/edit all articles, comments, posts, links etc. Admins can create pages, blocks, polls, they can ban a user or an IP address, they can configure installed modules or they can define a list of censored words and a lot more!