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Self-Help Resources
Before contacting anybody regarding a support issue, we encourage you to try using any self-help materials that the yawps project provides, such as documentation, known bug lists, and troubleshooting guides.

The most likely places to find information of this nature would be the following places (in addition to the support resources listed below):
- Documentation included in the file releases
- The site docs

Support Resource
To help ensure your issue is handled in a timely manner, report any problems at the Help Forum.

Bug Reports
If you cannot find any help in the support forums and you are sure it's a software problem then you have the possibility to submit a bug report.

PLEASE make sure you're using the newest release of YaWPS before you report your bug, and tell us EXACTLY what version of YaWPS you are using and in what environment you are running.

Please also check the patch section, perhaps the problem you're expieriencing has already been fixed!

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